Kantuni – See you at the corner!

“”We got a new reason to visit the island of Rab.” – fashion.hr

In the old town of Rab, under the four church bell towers, inside the narrow streets one can find – kantuni / corners…

For centuries “kantuni” (the town corners)* were places where people met and enjoyed each other’s company. Those were the places of encounters, of new loves and friendships, of everyday town life…

Filled with such places of unique ambience and untouched beauty, old town of Rab invites you to enjoy – “from corner to corner” – the new cultural-tourist attraction – KANTUNI / CORNERS!

Here on the corners of the old town – from Dorka to Pjaceta (town piazzetta) and from St John’s Church to Mahač Villa – all along the Upper Street (Gornja ulica), you will experience the unique ambience, selected music, good entertainment and a traditional Croatian gastronomy.

What more do you need?


* Kantun = reg. street corner, corner of the room. ita: cantone

Great idea

Kantuni is a great idea: I’m loving Rab because of Kantuni! – Cecilia & Andrea, Verona, Italy

Enchanting setting

An amazing evening. Truly fantastic musicians in an enchanting setting. – Gregg & Hannah, Cambridge, UK

Excellent event

Great idea, excellent event, beautiful ambience. See you next year. – George, Wales



Meet the Corners – new, excellent touristic story from the island of Rab. – HRturizam.hr

We have the perfect reason to visit Rab. – jolie.hr

From kantun to kantun…

Rab is full of kantuni / corners with unforgettable stories and unique beauty

Corner of Lights – beautiful Mediterranean Park Dorka, Corner of Encounters – magnificent Old Town Pjaceta (Piazzetta), Corner of Experiences – unique St. John’s, Hidden Corner – mysterious Mahač Vila and Corner of Memories – a viewpoint with the most beautiful view of the entire city, every corner of the island of Rab offers a lot of good reasons to come, stay and enjoy the Corners!

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    PARK DORKA - Corner of Lights

    The beautiful Mediterranean Dorka Park, with a monument to St. Marinus at its center, stands at the very tip of the old town peninsula enveloped in the unique atmosphere of its historic city walls. Locals of Rab are proud to show off their stonemason St. Marinus, who laid the foundations of today's Republic of San Marino in the 3rd century. The beauty of this park is breathtaking, and will shine in an entirely new light during the Corners, when we intend to turn it into a Corner of Light, specifically designed for pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and enjoyment.

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    PIAZZETTA - Corner of Encounters

    Walking down the street from Dorka along Upper Street, we arrive to the next corner of this year's Corners – the Meeting Corner. The magnificent Rab Piazzetta proudly stands within the heart of the old town. Rab's historical square exudes old town ambiance; a mythical holly oak tree provides the site with a special atmosphere and charm. To the citizens of Rab, Piazzetta is Liberty Square, because of the holly oak planted in 1921 in memory of more turbulent historic times. Also, it is one of the most faithful chroniclers of everyday life in Rab and of its people, many of whom were born in one of its palaces, as was common practice till 1960s.

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    VILLA MAHAČ – Hidden Corner

    Only a few steps further to the west, as you venture from Piazzetta down Upper Street, on your left you will spot our Hidden Corner - a palace that today houses the Music School and echoes joyful melodies of its young music students. We mustn't reveal too much, because then this corner would no longer be hidden. But feel free to step inside and explore the venue's unique ambience, wonderful view of the bay of St. Euphemia and Kalifront, first-rate music, intimate atmosphere, curated offer... What better invitation to meeting in the Hidden Corner!

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    SAINT JOHN - Corner of Experiences

    Continuing along Upper Street, we soon arrive at the westernmost of Rab's four bell towers. Below it is one of the prized jewels of Rab's Heritage (if one can even make such a choice between Rab's numerous sights!). The remains of the Church of St. John the Baptist naturally promote themselves as a unique open-air stage. Enjoying superb musical performances under the enormous bell tower in the historic ambience of the medieval basilica is an unforgettable experience. What better invitation to experience the Experience Corner?

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    VIEWPOINT - Corner of Memories

    From one corner to another we arrive to the end of our journey and the last corner of this year's Corners – the famous Rab Viewpoint. This Memory Corner provides one of the most beautiful and romantic views of the old town. At the end of our tour, we will invite visitors to take their pictures with the skyline of all of the corners of the old town of Rab as the most beautiful scenic backdrop, and a memento of the Rab Corners!

Kantuni / Corners is an original cultural-tourism project created by G.A.D. PRODUCTIONS and its KULTUR team specialized for projects in cultural tourism and destination management.
Project takes place in public venues of the old town Rab, in partnership with the Rab Tourist Board, supported by the Croatian Tourist Board.